Who I am?

About Birdaz

Birdaz is the intention to make good creations, is the result of everything learned in life; If I had learned to sing, I would make music, but I was given the gift of drawing.

Drawings and letters that are the action of sharing what has been learned from teachers and ancestors. One more warrior (or sketcher) of the many that exist, one of the many generations that have been.

(Teacher who teaches an apprentice to become a teacher to teach another learner who will become a teacher).

Birdaz is my creation, it is my own way of sharing what I was taught. Birdaz is the universe that I have managed to create since his Big Bang in 2011.

My ancestor nahual EE told me that I am the way, that I am the guide … This is the intention of all that.

To Art Collectors

Art Crafts

My store project is based on doing art exhibitions online. From time to time I will publish an exhibition with a series of five unique pieces, hand-worked.

I will also be working on individual crafts that will be on sale when I publish it.

In every exhibition I will do, I will change the materials and the function they will have as a decoration piece.

And of course, they will all follow Birdaz’s own style.

About the Blog “Las aves con insomnio”

Bird gaped in a nest built on the branch of an old tree, surrounded by a main avenue of the metropolis.

The texts deal with the history of birds living in the city, birds domesticated indirectly by the rhythm of human life. To the rhythm of the chaos of the city.

Without having rest at night because of the noise and lights, the city birds were suffering from insomnia, which today is their night each day.

A bird of the species of the fermúnicos, uses the sleeplessness to contemplate, to meditate and to develop reason. To get to the point of questioning why its already established environment is insane and polluting.

Animal and natural, it was learning to know the human and ended humanized. Now he seeks to be free and to leave the tame world.

The texts will be written in Spanish to keep the original idea.